Donate A Meal

“During this difficult time the hard-working members of the medical staff has been doing a great job keeping us all safe and healthy. Over the past few weeks we have been bring food to Our Lady of Lord's hospital in Camden, to do our part in showing our appreciation for the work they are doing. We would like to continue doing this and expand it but we need your help!


We have set up a “Donate a Meal” as a way for anyone who can help to help! Please donate anything you can so that we can keep feeding those who are putting their lives on the line to save lives in these trying times!


How to Donate a Meal: 

  • Go into our “Online Ordering” ordering 

  • Go to “Choose a Menu” and Click on “Donate a Meal”

  • And then add a donation to your cart and check you! 


We appreciate your help! “

How To Donate A Meal

Go to "Online Ordering", then follow the steps in the video.