Rochester's BBQ & Grill


Owners (Vincent, Vernon, and Valarie Rochester) were raised in Lawnside, NJ by their parents, Ernestine and Vincent.

Ernestine grew up in Rocky Mountain, NC, where the sweet and savory flavors of home cooked meals are a staple. Vincent was born in the Bronx, NY, but his parents were from St. Kitts and the West Indies and brought all that heat and spice with them to NY in their food.


​These distinct flavors helped create a menu that is both tantalizing and pleasantly surprising. The food somehow tastes like a home cooked meal and like something you've never had before at the same time. 


Since they learned how to cook from their mother, they have coined the phrase, "Ernestine Trained", to represent their cooking style. ​

Mom and Dad.PNG

Not only does the food stand out because of the large portions and unique flavors, but also the atmosphere. It's obvious that this is a family owned restaurant by the way they treat every customer with the type of service you would get when going to a friend's house for a meal. When you come to Rochester's, you tend to forget you are at a restaurant because it is so casual and comfortable. It feels just like a big family dinner. 

"This is your place. We just run it for you."