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ROCHESTER'S BARBEQUE AND GRILL is a family-owned restaurant that brings North Carolina Barbeque to New Jersey. Our kitchen is run by Chef Vincent A. Rochester II who has 30+ years of cooking experience. His smoked Beef Brisket, grill- finished Pork and Beef Ribs and southern-style, deep-fried Chicken and Fish will have you ready for a nap!


Chef's parents, Vincent Sr. and Ernestine Rochester, moved their growing family from Philadelphia, PA to Lawnside, NJ in 1976. They were both very active in the community where Vincent Sr. became a revered school board member to ensure every child received a quality education.


Ernestine was born in Rocky Mount, NC where the sweet and savory flavors of home cooking were a staple. Vincent Sr. had roots in St. Kitts and Bermuda, but was reared in the Bronx, NY. Their union, inspired the Caribbean flavors of heat and spice with the tried and true flavors of southern cuisine, which created a PERFECT storm and -- ROCHESTER's was born!


Good ole down-home cooking typically reserved for Sundays is what you can expect EVERY day at ROCHESTER'S. From Miss Ernestine's BEST EVER Barbeque Sauce to the proprietary blend of cheeses used in the Mac n' Cheese, to the meatless Collards, Mixed Greens, Cabbage and String Beans -- your taste buds are in for a tantalizing treat SURE to please even the most discerning palates! 

Come see for yourself what ALL the fuss is about...
We serve FOOD FOR THE SOUL prepared with LOVE! 


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